Making indiana jones.

Jag fick ett litet beställningsjobb av min kära kusin för ett tag sedan. Har inte kommit igång klokt tidigare men nu håller jag på för fullt. Blev en hemskt dålig bild på mitt nya mönster jag skissade upp idag som kommer sitta över den delen som är på bilden övanför. Världens mysigaste snurra-in-sig-i-kofta kommer det att bli!

It has been the best night. And I did only spend twenty.

It has been an awsome weekend. I love to not work. I love my friends. I love free booze. And handsome guys. My god. And here you have some pretty nice clothes. Someday, you will see it clearer. Good night. Good morning. Whatever you want it to be.

Nothing compares to you. Everything is better. I guess. In theory. Maybe.

I found an old one from the fashionshow in 2010. I remember that my heart was broken and I used to knit and cry in the evenings. Then one day, my heart was healed and a dress was born.

Tonight you are sleeping in my bed.

And with this, me and my needles is saying good night. Good night.

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